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Multi Shot Cakes - 500 Gram

500 Gram Cakes, also known as Multi-Shot Repeaters are basically a one light show in a box and are a bigger variant of the 200 Gram Multi-Shot Cakes. Each cake has a ton of variety in terms of colors, effects, and sounds. These cakes are perfect for July 4th celebrations, birthday parties, gender reveals, backyard displays, and any other get together. These come in two styles, straight up and down, which are great for smaller areas, and fan shaped, which shoot in the air with an angle. 

These cakes can have anywhere from 5 to 300 shots. A lot of people think the lower shot count ones are worse but that is not the case. 500 grams means there is that much powder in the device so with less shots there is more powder concentrated per shot allowing for higher and bigger effects. On the flip side having more shots is great too, they may not go as high, but they allow you to increase the duration of the item and have a more variety of effects.