About Us

Importers of the highest quality fireworks since 1971!

We sell all of your favorite fireworks using the best brands available. Over 50 year of Fireworks & Fun!

Our Story

Beginning in the early 1970's Larry Cornellier Sr. was always looking for ways to make extra money to support his family of seven children. Traveling through Poynette, WI., he came upon a fireworks wholesaler and inquired about selling fireworks. He obtained all the information he could, borrowed $200.00 from a friend, and opened a small stand in his hometown of Beloit, WI. Things went so well that the following year he opened 15 stands with the help of his children.

The firework wholesaler he met earlier had decided to retire in 1975, so Larry bought the business. In the early days they worked out of a motel room and semi-trailers. He soon bought property along 1-90 in Poynette and constructed his first building; later opening a store in Beloit and Hudson, WI. Today there are 5 locations in the State of Wisconsin and 1 in Illinios. His children and wife carry on the business as the third generation begins to join the family enterprise.

Over the years we have always treated our customers to the best selection we can find, with fair prices. No gimmicks or games, just the best BANG for your buck! Our competitive pricing comes from our in-depth purchasing analysis and importing directly from Chinese manufacturers. We have friendly sales staff who can explain the effects of any firework you may be considering; helping you create the perfect display to enjoy with friends and family.

Our largest 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse and giant showroom is located near Madison, WI. and offers hundreds of items at retail to the general public. WISCONSIN RESIDENTS WELCOME!

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