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Gender Reveal

Pink or blue, we've got you covered! Gender reveal fireworks are a great way to announce your baby’s gender. These types of items have seen a huge surge in popularity over the years and range from smoke sticks, sky lanterns, multi shot cakes and fountains. Our stock of these items changes yearly so please call ahead before you stop in so we can ensure we have what you are looking for. 

**Product selection and stock levels may vary by location**


Blue & Pink Smoke

Smoke sticks are a great gender reveal item for those who don't want to make a bigger scene but still want to celebrate with fireworks.

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Boy or Girl

It's the million dollar question that everyone wants to know, and what better way to reveal your big announcement than with some awesome fireworks that will thrill your family and friends all while celebrating the big news! This 200 gram cake comes in blue or pink, just make sure you ask the employee on staff to get you the right color.