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Assortments - Aerial

Our Aerial Firework Assortments are prepackaged bundles of different types of fireworks. Including but not limited to: Artillery Shells, Multi Shot cakes, Roman Candles, Sparklers, Fountains, Firecrackers & More! These family packs offer a wide variety of fun to suit all your needs. 

**Product selection and stock levels may vary by location**


The Godfather

Standing at 6 feet tall The Godfather is the Don of all assortments. Roll out the red carpet for whoever shows up to the party with this bad boy because you about to make some noise. (Exclusive to our Windsor location)

The King

Featuring a mixture of aerial and ground based items this assortment has it all. For those who want a nice show and their shopping to be nice and simple this is the way to go.

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League of Legends #3

This medium sized tray assortment features over 15 pieces of aerial display cakes, artillery shells, and ground fountains.

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Cornellier Deluxe Assortment

Hand made just for you, this Cornellier assortment is exclusive to our customers only. You get the perfect mixture of everything you need in a nice compact box. (Items may vary)

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Cornellier Large Assortment

Just like the Deluxe assortment, the Large features an assortment of items tailored just for you at a reduced price. (Items may vary)

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The Pirates Treasure Chest

Yarr! The Pirates Treasure Chest is great for firework enthusiasts who like being a little more hands on. Featuring Roman Candles, Rockets and Firecrackers!

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The Huge Deal

With 2,500 grams and 210 shots in 8 Great Grizzly, All-Star cakes this case assortment is true to its name. Included are 3 - 500 grams and 5 - 200 grams cakes that will give you the "show in a box" that they are looking for. (Exclusive to our Windsor location)

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The Terminator

Featuring 3 different 500 gram cakes and amazing artwork this assortment is ready for war.

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B.A.S.E. Military Cakes Assortment

This assorted case of 500 Gram Cakes features a variety of effects and durations that are sure to satisfy. Whether you are looking for a duration cake with single shots and a finale, or an aggressive volley cake this set of devices includes both types. With 25 Shots each and durations up to 35 seconds, this Military-themed series from Great Grizzly is a true value!

Hot Color's Cake Assortment

It's time to let your bro's know who is top pyro at this year's celebration! This case of 500 Gram Finale cakes will deem you fireworks champion and will have all of the ladies talking about the best pie in the sky! With 88 Shots, 2000 grams of powder, and some unbelievable effects, you can't lose by buying this case and lighting the fuse!